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Search Engine Optimization

With the millions of websites that are on the internet, how do you make your website known? How do you make it appear in Google for the keywords that many people search for?

That’s the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. We establish your online presence, giving the people the ability to easily find you.

We offer an extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package that is tailor made to suit our company’s needs. We manage every facet of your online marketing and bring organic traffic to your website using many different tactics.

At Dimension Graphics, we make sure to abide by all of Google’s SEO guidelines and use ethical and legitimate business practices, bringing your website lasting results.

For our SEO packages, we keep it simple offering a Basic SEO Package or Premium SEO Package

Basic SEO Package

We do all of the initial set up for your SEO campaign. In this package we work with on-page SEO factors. We make sure your website is set up according to the Google guidelines and the basic content optimization of your website is in place. This is a one-time fee and is not a monthly campaign.

Premium SEO Package

Our recommended package is the Premium SEO Package. Search engine optimization has turned into something that is an on-going campaign as opposed to a “quick fix”. We encourage clients to stick with this program for six months and await the greatest results and benefits. With no contract obligation, this program is offered on a monthly basis. Benefits can still be attained within a month’s span!

Our Premium SEO Package extends upon our Basic Package, done on a continuous basis. We become a part of your marketing team, driving organic traffic to your website.

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